Dr. Shawn Cazzell, DPM

After years of advanced wound healing, diabetic foot salvage procedures including thousands of amputations at many levels, and speaking engagements globally, it had become obvious there was a need for a different approach to the at-risk foot.

Our successes were at the expense of our patients’ loss (toe or partial foot amputation).  Our losses were at the expense of our patients’ limbs.  Our wins and losses both contribute to increased mortality rates.  This results in both mental and physical barriers to success.  How can this patient population be active, productive members of our community?

“I am unaccepting of our current at-risk foot reactive care pathways.  Almost all current research continues to focus on wound healing modalities.  Therefore, I embarked on a multiyear at-risk diabetic foot research sabbatical studying the existing wound and amputation prevention strategies.

After two years of retrospective analysis, concurrent modeling, discussion with thought leaders in Dermatology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Neurology, and Diabetic Foot Salvage Surgery, we were still missing pieces of the puzzle.

A harsh realization for podiatrists and health care providers treating the at-risk foot has evolved.  The at-risk foot is not attached to just a patient any longer.  The at-risk foot is also attached to a consumer.  If I am able to treat the consumer early and often, we can greatly reduce the likelihood of their becoming a patient.  Consumers need at-risk foot care.  Patients need wound care and surgery.

If I can give a consumer an exhaustive comprehensive lower extremity examination while delivering the best spa pedicure they’ve never had, I will see them early (prior to wounding) and often (monthly).  In response, I have converted my clinical practice into a retail health bridge between the local spa and the local podiatrist, for the at-risk diabetic and advanced age consumer through screening, risk stratification, diagnostics and Medical Pedicure + Therapeutic Skincare Services exclusively.  Additionally, my research group, www.Lppresearch.com, will continue its work with corporations across the globe.”


SMC // EXTREMITY is the product of longtime surgical podiatrist, global key opinion leader on the diabetic lower limb, practicing diabetic foot salvage surgeon, active researcher, published author, and principal/national investigator on over 60+ randomized controlled trials and post-market surveillance studies for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Cazzell has served on medical advisory boards internationally, is an active consultant and global product strategist, emerging markets, division of plastic and reconstructive surgical services of a large not for profit tissue procurement and advanced biologic human cell and tissue organization. He is a global product consultant for advanced biologics and regenerative medicine technology corporations.

Dr. Cazzell is the founder and Medical Director of Limb Preservation Platform (LPP), a clinical bioresearch group driving unique wound care and device modalities through the FDA pipeline in the chronic non-healing wound market.  LPP is actively involved in both safety and efficacy studies as well as, pivotal phase III and post market surveillance studies.

Dr. Cazzell was the national investigator and lead author on the largest worldwide randomized control trial utilizing an acellular dermal matrix for chronic non-healing wounds.  He is heavily involved in the development of study and protocol design for randomized control trials.

A significant number of his clinical research protocols have been dedicated to the management of soft tissue and nail plate infections.  With a passion for advanced wound healing and tissue repair, he understands the complex nature the skin and nail plate of the foot represent, in both the healthy and immunocompromised patient.

In practice, Dr. Cazzell spent his days tending to advanced wound healing and tissue repair of lower extremity ulceration, surgical management of soft tissue and bone infections, including thousands of amputations at various levels of the foot and toe, management and mobilization of viable soft tissue for coverage of defects, creation of post-surgical defects to undergo closure via vacuum assisted closure devices, and lastly, routine foot care for the at-risk population.

SMC // EXTREMITY was created as a best practice medical pedicure + therapeutic skincare model to reduce rates of wounding and amputation through early, convenient, routine, preventive, monthly foot care services.  


An estimated 550 million people will be diagnosed worldwide by 2030.
Diabetes is a worldwide catastrophe currently affecting approximately 29 million people in the United States.
An individual suffering from diabetes has a 1-in-4 chance of developing a wound over the course of their lifetime.
Greater than 50% of all wounds become infected and approximately 20% of all infected wounds of the lower extremity lead to amputation.
There are currently 6.5 million patients in the United States who require wound care on a regular basis.